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What is a personal brand?

A personal brand is a process in which people represent themselves and their business as a brand, show their value, and solve the problems of their community. A person who is master a skill can select it as their niche. Ex
Personal branding is the best way to attract people, and demonstrate your uniqueness from your competitors. In personal branding, you have to promote yourself and make a persona worldwide.

When people need services related to your niche, they don’t need to google it, they directly come to you. you have to advertise yourselves like this so people know about you already.

Tell People what do you do?

You have to stand out .don’t do that everyone does, think differently makes you different from others.
You have to tell people ,how you can help them, and what problems do you solve?
Do people get a transformation from your products, services and brand? let people know about your values and beliefs.

Why do people follow you?

Personal branding is all about leadership, people like to follow a leader so he/she can guide them and solve their difficulties. make your target audience believe that you are the best for them.
You should have patience so you can handle a huge tribe. you should have that quality so people can listen to you and follow your principles.

Keep a thing in your mind that you will not become a hero overnight, making a successful personal brand, will take time, hard work and lots of effort.

Why is a personal branding important?

Making a connection and building a natural relationship with the public online is very important in personal branding.

1. Build trust: People love listening to people, not to a brand. if we put ourselves in the customer’s shoes, we also like to listen to a person not to brand or objects. because we trust a human more.

2. Increase your Revenue: People who know you, trust you, buy more products from you and become your lifetime customers. It will increase your revenue. you will get more clients and crack more business deals.

3. Set off from competitors: your audience will know about your personality, behavior, values and principles. These aesthetics will attach to your audience emotionally to you. people will remind your personality. you know every person has a different personality and your brand will distinguish you from your competitors.

How to build a strong personal branding?

You will see lots of people grow in their niche, they are not born specialists. they put effort into success and plan strategy. Remind one thing, you have a clear vision and mission statement for your brand.
Here are some tools to market your brand.

1. Master a skill:

choose a niche in which you are interested, you love to do that. Research and just research about that, read books, explore tools and do a study about that. You have to master that skill, if you will master that skill then you will be able to guide others. Don’t influence by others and choose a topic that you don’t like, you will be bored and give up in no time. Always focus on things, you enjoy doing, you love to do and always find time to do that. It will push you to do more and more things.

2. Tell your story:

people are always keen to know who you are. Tell your real story to them, who you were? and who you are? and what will you want to be? most of the audience loves to see real people, and they will stick emotionally to your story.

3. Website/blog:

you should have your tribe. Make a website and put your content there. Your blog will be your first step toward a personal brand, people will know your thoughts, skills, values and principles through your blogs.

4. SEO:

when your blog will be there, try to get organic traffic through SEO. what is SEO?
SEO is search engine optimization, in which people search data related to their queries. what do you have to do? Search keywords related to your content, and you will get to know what people are searching on the search engine. a keyword planner is a keyword tool you can use for keyword searching. Put that keyword in your data. your blog gets organic traffic through Google search.

5. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is the best way to connect with your target audience. you can send your thoughts to your audience .you can make a landing page and ask people to subscribe to it with a free lead magnet. you will get an email on your list. only people will subscribe to your interest in your niche. This is how you can get your target audience.

6. Book:

who has written a book, has a great impact. It seems who is a book writer has great knowledge related to a particular topic. You write a book one has done a lot of research and you will come out as a leader.

7. Social Media:

when you follow all the above six steps, now it’s time to promote yourself. make your presence online on social media platforms. advertising yourself is also an important aspect of personal branding. You have to tell people you exist here, so they get to know about your presence.

In conclusion, personal branding asks for effort, hard work and consistency, to connect with your audience and solve their problems.
What are your views about personal branding?