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Looking for a digital marketing course or a digital mentor? Then you are at right place.
We always listen to others and may feel that too, this is not what I want to do, my passion, my talent is this but I am doing this job because of circumstances, because of my needs. Sometimes we feel, this is not my cup of tea, I want to do something else, a big thing, we always dream to do big. But don’ know what to do, always confused, and frustrated. I am the same kinda person. After quitting two jobs, still don’t know what to do. Side by side, I always love to customize and design the things that I like very much. whenever I got time I love to do that.
      However, a new phase of life started. my husband tells me about digital marketing, I started to research it. my research ended with a DDIP internship. I go through many digital marketing courses before it, but you know my vibes don’t allow me to do that. Finally, I enrolled in a DDIP internship. During the first week, I watched a video for two hours about mindset, I never watched a motivational video like this, believe me, this is a great push to start a new career.

There are lots of digital marketing courses are available online, but you may watch the content, remember a few days, we just got to know, ok this is SEO, this is google console and analytics. Do you implement that tools?

Do you face problems, while using these tools? don’t.

Because this is human nature, will do this tomorrow, next week for sure.
However, that next week will never come.
Don’t mind, I did this too.
This human nature will not work in the DDIP internship program. because you have to do this, for the sake of the assignment, and the reward you got after every assignment submission. The reward is a cashback.
Yes, you read right you get cashback after every assignment submission.

Don’t you think is it a great idea to give cash back after the assignment is accepted. Now you are thinking,

Who is the man behind this great concept?

Have patient!
Let me introduce him.

The founder of this digital marketing internship program is Digital Deepak. He
Has been in the digital marketing industry since 2008. He is the owner of and writes his blogs related to digital marketing on this blog. Digital Deepak has also launched a free digital marketing course. He is a book publisher as well. sometimes we feel low and want to give up, you will get a blog of his and you can say his thoughts through his email. And believe me that email will also encourage you to do your best. Deepak sir has a great team in learning today and their positive vibes motivate you to learn new things.

What you will learn in this digital marketing internship program?

First of all, you will learn how to create a website/blog. You will learn about various digital marketing tools. you will not get only a recorded video but you get a chance to practice it.
This is 12 weeks internship program and you will get some bonus weeks as well.
Weekly live Q/A webinars.
What I like most, DD put you out of your comfort zone, I record my first YouTube video and a live webinar during the DDIP internship program.
I met with a great community during this digital marketing course, people are always ready to help you out. you will learn with them and succeed with them. I am lucky that I got an opportunity to learn with professionals.

Different perspectives about digital marketing :

When I heard about digital marketing, I thought paid advertising is only like Facebook ads and googles ads manager belongs to digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is not about paid ads only, It’s very deep actually but you have to explore the basics of every module. Later, you can master one area in which you are interested. It is more fun when going deep into it.

Social media followers and engagement are not the things that you succeed in your niche and new startups. people are keener to increase their followers on social media platforms. They follow lots of tips and tricks. However, you may get a few followers through giveaways, but they are not your true fans, and they will not gonna buy your products. Soon, they will be bored and unfollow you. I feel this is not a good strategy for your business. you can only promote your product there but don’t make your tribe on that outlets. You have to follow a funnel for a business, that funnel going through digital marketing. It will take your empire to the top.

well, As a digital marketer, you can help new startups, and local businesses, be your boss to start an agency and freelance as can check this article as well for digital marketing career.

what do you think about digital marketing? just leave a comment.
In the next article, we will discuss a career in digital marketing. Stay happy, stay tuned.