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Whenever I browsed the Internet, I saw personal websites, it made me crazy and always want to build my own. I created one for a college project but that was not put online. During the DDIP internship, I got many challenges and the website was one of them.
This was my first investment, my property. creation of websites is now not as difficult as in previous years, It’s just a game of a few minutes.
When I built my website, I was a homemaker and manage a kid also. If I can you can also. let’s discuss the prerequisites to make a website.
*Domain name

What is a domain name?

Every computer that connects to the internet, which saves websites has an IP address. Ip address contains the number series. It is difficult to remember the IP address. so instead of the number, they provide a human-readable name like, which is called a domain name.

How to get a domain name?

On the internet, there are lots of services provider. you can purchase your domain name from there.
Firstly, you have to search for a domain name that you want to buy. For example, I want to buy ‘digitalkaur’. I will search for the same on the website. If it is available, it shows me a message. If it is not available, it shows a prompt this domain name is taken and you can’t purchase that domain name.
Domain name provider is like:


  A website holds HTML, CSS, database and images. you have to save all this at one location which is a web server.
what do hosting providers do?
They allocate a space to save your website. In general, we can say web hosting is just like a rented house. It is the service provider’s responsibility to display your website to users.
They make sure your website is running.
It is also the service provider’s job to secure your server, and store all databases and files.

How to get a hosting service?

There are many hosting service providers on the internet. I mentioned a few below.

You can explore these websites. these service providers have some plans like stellar, premium and business. Differences between these plans are how many databases they are providing to you, the number of websites will they host for you and lots of other things you can check to get there.
You have to choose your plan according to your need.


Nameserver is kind of middlemen.when you request for a website on browser, this request received by nameserver, it translates domain name into Ip addresses.It acts like a bridge between domain name and web server.

If you bought domain name and hosting service from same service provider you don’t need to connect them.However, if you bought from different service provider 
You have to connect nameserver on your domain name service account.

SSL certificate :

You enter the domain name of the website in the browser, the browser sent your request to the webserver and finds the right one for you and displays website files to you. The data transfers from the user to the webserver and from the webserver to the user, to make this connection secure SSL certificates are used.SSL certificates are encrypted digital files that secure your data from hackers. It secures users’ information and the website as well. You are doing lots of transactions online and giving your personal information there.How do you know whether the website is secure or not?
In the front of URL you will see a padlock sign that indicates this website is secure from prey eyes.

Click on the link,check a padlock sign before URL.