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Personal Branding

What is a personal brand? A personal brand is a process in which people represent themselves and their business as a brand, show their value, and solve the problems of their community. A person who is master a skill can select it as their niche. ExPersonal branding is...

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Will fundamental marketing ever rule the world?

In this article, I am writing about marketing. We will discuss the fundamental of marketing, digital marketing vs traditional marketing, The CATT marketing funnel, and personal branding. What is marketing? If someone ask me a question before the DDIP internship...

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Let’s take you to the world of Digital Marketing

Looking for a digital marketing course or a digital mentor? Then you are at right place.We always listen to others and may feel that too, this is not what I want to do, my passion, my talent is this but I am doing this job because of circumstances, because of my...

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How to create a website?

Whenever I browsed the Internet, I saw personal websites, it made me crazy and always want to build my own. I created one for a college project but that was not put online. During the DDIP internship, I got many challenges and the website was one of them.This was my...

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